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Saturday at ITIC Americas: pre-conference networking

Join this tour for a truly unique experience in Costa Rica!

A beautiful combination of coffee plantations, waterfalls and nature in the middle of the tropical rainforest with your fellow industry peers.  Visiting the largest coffee plantation in Costa Rica will allow you to learn everything about the human process related to cultivation,  processing and good practices. We will also visit the incredible La Paz Waterfall Gardens where you will experience lush tropical rain forest, flowing white rivers, spectacular waterfalls, birds, butterflies, monkeys, hummingbirds, snakes, felines and frogs. The tour includes a buffet lunch at La Paz Waterfall Gardens and the opportunity to network ahead of the conference.


Sunday at ITIC Americas

The conference officially begins today!

Registration will open in the afternoon, take the opportunity to visit with the ITIC Americas 2020 exhibitors.

The official ITIC Americas 2020 Welcome Reception is the evening’s main event. All attendees gather for a fantastic networking evening, the perfect environment to make new connections.


Pre-conference coffee hosted by the ITIC Costa Rica exhibitors


Monday at ITIC Americas

Networking starts early at ITIC Americas, set up a breakfast meeting and talk business before sessions begin!

A full day of conference sessions is the order of the day. The agenda will focus on issues affecting the travel and health insurance industry operational across North, South & Central America, the Caribbean and Canada. Sign up to the mailing list and we will notify you when the agenda is announced.


Speaker: Healthcare infrastructure in Costa Rica

Government spokesperson to offer insights into structure of system and common misconceptions. This should be aimed at international insurance providers with clients heading to the country who need medical care.

Dr. Roman Macaya

Executive President | Costa Rican Social Security Fund


Speaker: Canadian travellers face law change

Ontario government to halt payment for out-of-country emergency medical care; is this move by Ontario going to be replicated in other provinces, and is it an opportunity for insurers to take advantage of an increased awareness of, and need for, international travel insurance?

Brad Dance

Chief Customer Officer | TUGO Insurance


Speaker: Latin American healthcare market insights

Americas Market Intelligence could share the findings of their report into the strong potential for growth, possible obstacles and long-term hazards facing LatAm healthcare systems.

Guillaume Corpart

Founder & CEO | Global Health Intelligence


Coffee break & meet the exhibitors


Panel session: Regional cost containment

Challenges of achieving reasonable costs in Central / South American destinations that are popular with tourists.
Questions to be addressed by speakers:
• The quality of healthcare on offer is variable, so is it worth paying the sometimes very high prices charged by private providers?
• How do currency variations affect healthcare prices?
• What challenges do local healthcare providers face that are resulting in high charges for international insurance providers?
• How do insurers manage such situations? In-house or outsource to local expert?


Networking lunch – meet the exhibitors


Industry insights: Extreme medevac scenarios

Medical evacuations from remote/extreme locations in South America – challenges of carrying out remote rescues and top tips from assistance companies that carry out such evacs.


Coffee break & meet the exhibitors


Pre-conference coffee hosted by the ITIC Costa Rica exhibitors


Tuesday at ITIC Americas

A full day of sessions tackling key issues affecting the travel and health insurance Americas market.

In the evening, we bid a fond farewell with dinner and dancing…


Panel session: Security/Safety in the Caribbean and Latin-American Regions

• Dominican Republic safety concerns
• Hurricane preparedness of popular resorts


Coffee break & meet the exhibitors


Panel session: Technology in travel and health insurance

1: Data sharing in healthcare
Inefficiencies in data sharing systems often increase costs for hospitals and insurers; what can be done to improve current protocols?

2: Keeping customers happy
How technology and training can smooth a customer’s purchase and claim journey.

3:Telemedicine and AI in healthcare diagnosis and treatment
International health insurer could report on usage statistics


Networking lunch in the exhibition area


Panel session: Travel health risks

Disease outbreaks in unvaccinated populations are on the rise, posing a risk to tourists inbound to the US; while unvaccinated tourists are taking diseases to countries where they had formerly declared themselves to be free of that disease.

Dr. Gabriela Ivankovich

Pediatrician Immunologist


Networking coffee break in the exhibition area


Optional hospital inspection


Evening farewell dinner