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Registration opens

Stop by the registration desk to collect your ITIC Global attendee bag and make your way to the networking area where exhibitors from across all sectors of operational support are ready to meet you!


New attendees welcome reception

Calling all new ITIC attendees! This is the chance for you to mingle with other newbies ahead of the busy week.

This event is by invitation only. New attendees will receive their invite via email closer to the event.


Monday at ITIC Global

The first full day of ITIC Global 2019!

Stop by the registration desk to collect your ITIC Global attendee bag and make your way to the networking area where exhibitors from across all sectors of operational support are ready to meet you and get down to business.

Sessions begin at 11 with a focus on fraud.

The main event today is the unmissable official ITIC Global Welcome Reception. All attendees gather to kick-off our truly global industry gathering.


ITIC Malta running club sponsored by LifeFlight International & EMA Global

ITIC Global running club sponsored by Lifeflight international and EMA Global is back! Enjoy a relaxed 5k run, taking in Malta’s scenic bayside vistas!

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Registration & welcome coffee break

Pick up your conference attendee badge, grab a coffee and start networking!

The team will be available at the registration desk throughout the conference.


Room 1

Supplier fraud and abusive practices

This session will identify regions of particular concern to insurance providers, including Central and South America, Nepal and Africa. Fraud experts will discuss the kinds of issues they are experiencing from suppliers to the industry and share cases that demonstrate how such fraud can be recognised by insurance and assistance partners.

Dr Sundeep Dhillon MBE

Chief Medical Officer | MAPFRE

James Page

Senior Vice President and Chief Administrative Officer | AIG


Networking lunch


Room 1

Insurer counter-fraud efforts

This session will involve a panel of experts in the identification and detection of fraudulent activity, from through the innovative use of new technologies such as artificial intelligence, and importance of industry experience. Speakers will discuss the most effective techniques to detect and combat fraud – are different countries using different tactics? – as well as the techniques employed by other lines of insurance business and what travel insurers can learn from them.

Steve Paton

Head of Anti-Fraud Services EU | Verisk

Estelle Lebar

Global Offering Leader, Travel Insurance & Assistance | Shift Technology

Yury Kuvshinov

CEO | Mains Lab


Coffee break


Room 1

EURAMI board meeting

This is a closed meeting for EURAMI board members only. For more information, contact the EURAMI team.


The official ITIC Malta Welcome Reception sponsored by New Frontier Group

This event needs no introduction to those who have attended an ITIC Global conference before. However, if this is your first time attending, you are in for a treat. Over 900 of our industry’s leaders, all in one place, ready to network. Details coming soon…


Tuesday at ITIC Global

Tuesday is a full day conference sessions at ITIC Global. Get ready for experts operating across all sectors of the travel and health insurance industry sharing their insights in topical panel debates and interactive sessions. With plenty of time for networking built into the ITIC program, take advantage of networking breaks to connect with suppliers exhibiting their services and key contacts. The evening is free to allow you to plan your own dinner meetings and entertainment!


ITIC Malta running club sponsored by LifeFlight International & EMA Global

ITIC Global running club sponsored by Lifeflight international and EMA Global is back! Enjoy a relaxed 5k run, taking in Malta’s scenic bayside vistas!

Want to join? Email the team on to book your place!


Pre-conference coffee

Meet your exhibitors and grab a coffee before the busy day!


Room 2

Air Ambulance Pricing: drivers and cost-saving options for operators and payers

This session would examine pricing structures in the air ambulance industry, considering the driving forces behind high prices, the value for money that insurance companies are getting if they choose a provider that has invested in accreditation, and the potential savings that could be made through forging industry partnerships.

Roylen Griffin

Executive Director | NAAMTA

Dr Cai Glushak MD

International Medical Director and Chief Medical officer | AXA Partners

Dr Bettina Vadera

Chief Executive & Medical Director | AMREF


Room 1

Mental health coverage and assistance

While some travel insurance markets have embraced the need for mental health coverage, others are lagging behind. Are policies in different regions fit for purpose when it comes to mental health coverage, and will the creeping legalisation of drugs could mean vulnerable travellers try substances they wouldn’t otherwise – what is the current thinking on coverage and assistance issues related to drug use?

Dr Mitesh Patel

Medical Director UK | Aetna International

Dr. Arthur Zulficarov

General Manager | Global Voyager Assistance Russia

Brad Dance

Chief Customer Officer | TUGO Insurance


Room 2

Cost containment challenges and solutions: Interactive forum

Regional differences in cost containment challenges, and the methods used to overcome these, provide an opportunity for experts to demonstrate how local knowledge and understanding of regional process can change the value that payers are getting from service providers.

Gregory will address Tender Payments:  A Risky Strategy?  At first glance, tender payments appear to be a classic negotiation tool; but beware!  Tender payments can trigger liability which can greatly exceed the original claim, especially for US providers.  In this panel we will discuss the benefits and risks associated with tender payments, including recent US cases which are currently pending as well as final court decisions.  We will also provide real-world examples of situations where the strategy has been a success and a failure.

Natalya will demonstrate an innovative and robust approach to cost containment and cost control of medical expenses. Practicalities of automated cost containment tools:

  • challenges of medical cost management
  • effective cost containment strategies
  • automated cost containment tool – how does it work?
  • Live examples of best cost containment techniques


Gregory E. Marsella

Corporate Counsel | New Frontier Group

Natalya Butakova

Business Development Manager | AP Companies Global Solutions

Dr Eugene Delaune

Eugene Delaune | Chief Medical Officer, Europ Assistance - USA / Generali Global Assistance / GMMI

Amy Villalobos

Head of International Benefits Management | nib Health Funds


Coffee break


Room 1

Short and long-term health risks

The health risks facing long-term expats, business and short-term leisure travellers are varied, depending on trip duration, destination and pre-travel risk mitigation procedures (or lack thereof). Experts from global organisations will identify current risks to these different groups, and assess the value of pre-travel health and risk assessments.

Dr Charlie Easmon

Medical Director | Your Excellent Health Service


Networking lunch


Room 1

Medical Directors’ Forum

Navigating medical ethics, conflicts of interest, financial constraints and challenging medical decisions.

The Medical Directors Forum at ITIC Global is your opportunity to review clinically challenging medical cases with your international peers, particularly those where treatment decisions were controversial.

Share your most difficult cases for discussion.


Room 2

Workshop: Insurtech

How can technology improve business working processes? Are software solutions going to solve all the industry’s problems with relation to timely communication and exchange of patient information?

Estelle Lebar

Global Offering Leader, Travel Insurance & Assistance | Shift Technology

Berna Ataç Ökten

Chairman of the Board Marm Assistance & Member of ARC Group Advisory Board


Room 2

EURAMI members meeting

This is a closed meeting for EURAMI members. For more information, contact the EURAMI team.


Coffee break


Wednesday at ITIC Global

Another full day of educational conference sessions with experts from the travel and health insurance industry ready to take your questions and share their experiences operating in global travel and health insurance. More opportunities to connect with key contacts over coffee breaks and lunch.


ITIC Malta running club sponsored by LifeFlight International & EMA Global

ITIC Global running club sponsored by Lifeflight international and EMA Global is back! Enjoy a relaxed 5k run, taking in Malta’s scenic bayside vistas!

Want to join? Email the team on to book your place!


Room 1

Insurance premiums – are they right?

An oversupply of providers and a competitive, cost-focused marketplace have resulted in downward pressure on premiums, but is this sustainable? Experts in this session will consider the current risk rating models used by underwriters and ask if these are still correct, given the challenges faced by the travel and health insurance sector regarding ever-increasing prices for medical treatment.

John Armstrong

Head of Actuarial | Allianz Care

Will McAleer

President | WTP


Room 2

Data security concerns & solutions

The risks to business travellers and how companies can mitigate these through the use of VPNs and other strategies.

Dale Buckner

President / CEO | Global Guardian


Room 2


Cross-border assistance, visa/customs concerns for the movement of patients.


Room 2

Healthcare insurance and fraud trends

The presentation will focus on healthcare fraud, movements in healthcare insurance in the US and internationally, as well as trends in reinsurance.

Michael L. Frank

President & Actuary | Aquarius Capital


Coffee break


Room 1

Insurance premiums continued

What are the primary tactics that insurers can make use of to keep premiums as low as possible so that policies are still attractive to customers? Claims payments rates in the industry are generally excellent, despite some customer perceptions, so how can the industry maintain its claims acceptance ratio while keeping costs down?

Michael Tauber (M.COM & B.COM)

CEO & Managing Director | International Rescue Services


Room 2

Improving the air ambulance commissioning process

This session would look at the possible pitfalls, miscommunication, assumptions and other mistakes commonly made during the air ambulance ordering process, all of which can result in conflicts and mistakes, endangering the mission and the patient.

Lynne Piddington

Global Travel Supply Chain Manager | CEGA Group

Eva Kluge

Chief Commercial Officer | Air Alliance Medflight GmbH

Patrick Schomaker

Director of Sales & Marketing | European Air Ambulance


Networking lunch


Room 1

Air Ambulance & Medical Assistance Forum

Following on from the success of last year’s inaugural Air Ambulance & Medical Assistance Forum, ITIC is pleased to return to the format in 2019.

Communication is at the heart of every successful relationship, and this Forum offers the best opportunity yet for open and blame-free dialogue between air ambulance and assistance companies to review cases, identifying breakdowns in the process and acting to remedy them.

Case studies are invited. These will be jointly presented (ideally) by the air ambulance operator and assistance company involved in the case under review.


Room 2

Workshop: Traveller security

Whether it is first responders to natural disasters, leisure or HNW business travellers, there is no doubt that the risks faced by the travelling public are changing. Businesses are expanding their horizons and expecting more from their employees, but are they briefing them correctly and training them sufficiently?

Juan Peña Núñez

Business Development & Account Director – Insurance Markets | Healix International

Saul Shanagher

Director | beTravelwise

Bruce McIndoe

President & Founder | WorldAware


Coffee break


Thursday at ITIC Global

Our final day at ITIC Global puts networking pride of place. Enjoy a networking brunch and catch up with your key targets before the week is over.

Industry insights are shared, with case studies on all sectors of travel and health operations offering a fantastic learning opportunity.

And last but by no means least, ITIC Global concludes with the finale dinner and the ITIJ Awards!


Room 1

Provider Network Forum

This will be a more informal session, run by experienced network managers, in which hospitals, clinics and insurance partners will be able to discuss issues in network management, identifying common themes with problems and solutions.

Laura Hilton

Rory O'Gara

Vice President, Medical Provider Management Americas | Allianz Partners


Networking brunch

Hosted at the heart of the ITIC networking space, gather with your new conference friends and enjoy brunch and the chance to fit in those all important meetings!


Room 1

Industry insight: ACO Building – AETNA

John Lee

Executive Director - Global Business Transformation | AETNA


Room 1

Industry insights: Complex repatriation



Eitan Kariv

CEO | Menuha Laad Ltd


Room 1

Industry insights: Fraud in Cuba

Phil Peart

General Manager Travel Claim Investigations | MJM Corporate Risk Services


ITIC Finale Dinner and ITIJ Awards

The ITIC Global Finale Dinner is a black-tie gala evening which plays host to the annual ITIJ Awards ceremony. Join the industry in celebration!