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8th August 2019

Following on from the success of last year’s inaugural Air Ambulance & Medical Assistance Forum, ITIC is pleased to return to the format in 2019.

Communication is at the heart of every successful relationship, and this Forum offers the best opportunity yet for open and blame-free dialogue between air ambulance and assistance companies to review cases, identifying breakdowns in the process and acting to remedy them.

When: Wednesday 30 October, 14.00-15:30, Conference room 1

Be part of the discussion: We are looking for cases that stimulate a constructive discussion. These will be jointly presented (ideally) by the air ambulance operator and assistance company involved in the case under review.

Please submit a brief three-slide overview of your most interesting and challenging air ambulance or medical assistance case.

Highlight areas of difficult logistics, poor communication, bad financial experiences, lack of transparency, bad quality performance or outcome, especially where the interaction between the medical assistance and air ambulance service could be improved.

Who should submit: Professionals from the medical assistance and air ambulance sectors.

Deadline: Friday 30th August 2019

Submissions should:

  • Provide a brief background of the case
  • Highlight the points for discussion.

40-year-old male admitted in hospital in Ethiopia with acute stroke. Employer immediately contacted the nearest AA company for a quote to evacuate the patient to a higher level hospital abroad. Family contacted medical assistance company through whom the patient was insured. Nearby AA company is ready to go, Medical Assistance company decides to obtain multiple quotes first and decides on an AA provider based on best price. But once the contract is signed, AA company delays departure by 5 hrs for questionable reasons. Family wants to change to the AA company chosen by the employer who are still on standby, but Med Assistance is now contractually obliged. With huge delay, the AA provider eventually carries out the evac but has inferior equipment and staff on board. Patient arrives at destination in significantly worse condition. Family is upset and unhappy with the services received across the board.

Points to be discussed: – Criteria to choose an AA provider; – Who decides when time is of essence? – Should Med Assistance companies audit their service providers before engaging them?


Please submit your cases to Team ITIC by email

Looking forward to seeing you at the Air Ambulance & Medical Assistance Forum!

Thank you,

The Air Ambulance Committee
Andrew Lee, Brandon Bates, Dr Bettina Vadera, David Ewing, Eva Kluge & Patrick Schomaker.

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