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On the agenda – Speaking at ITIC Global 2021

We are delighted to spotlight the experts who will be sharing their insights and facing your questions at ITIC Global 2021.

Aeromed GB, Allianz Partners, AMI expeditionary health, AMREF Flying Doctors, ANVIL Group, AP Companies, AXA Assistance USA, AXA Partners, Battleface, Charles Taylor, Chimera Content Marketing Consultancy, Collinson Group, EURAMI, Europ Assistance, FAI rent-a-jet AG, Fairmount International, Global Excel Management, Ingenin Ltd, International SOS, Jetcall, Koala Insurance, MAPFRE Assistance, New Frontier Group, Riskline, Simplyhealth, The Travel Risk & Incident Prevention (TRIP) Group, UCLH NHS Foundation Trust and WorldTrips are all confirmed to join the line-up for the 29th annual ITIC Global conference in Madrid, which begins at the end of the month.


Our Keynote Speaker, Dr Vanya Gant, is an expert in infectious diseases as Divisional Clinical Director for Infection at the UK’s Hospital for Tropical Diseases at University College Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust in London. Dr Gant will share how, globally, we can be better prepared for the next pandemic as a result of lessons learned from the outbreak of Covid-19 including the threat of new variants and therapies for ‘long Covid’

Speaking at ITIC Global 2021

  • Mark Carney of WorldTrips will be joined by Sasha Guinullin of battleface and Sebastian Kaisin of MAPFRE Assistance to take stock of the Travel insurance industry response to Covid-19. With better awareness of travel insurance and its benefits, how can we continue to respond to increasing customer expectations? Where does the industry stand with regard to vaccination status and coverage denial.
  • Rory O’Gara of Allianz Partners, Dr Cai Glushak of AXA Assistance USA and Dr Simon Forrington of EURAMI will address Assistance, air ambulance and hospital considerations. Working together in a cohesive and safe manner has allowed air ambulance and assistance services to operate throughout the pandemic. But has Covid exposed weaknesses in existing medical networks, and if so, what have assistance companies done to remedy the problem?
  • Mark Stefan Van Kessell of AXA Partners will join Xavier Bégué and Lionel Doguet of Europ Assistance to explore Global fraud hotspots. Will Covid change destination choice for leisure travellers, and will there be less fraud as a result? Tackling fraud made possible by technological advancements will be discussed and abusive billing practices by suppliers around the world.
  • Lloyd Figgins of The Travel Risk & Incident Prevention (TRIP) Group, Dr Sneh Khemka of Simplyhealth and Simon Worrell of Collinson Group will discuss international healthcare challenges. What are IPMI and business travellers expecting of their insurance policies now in terms of assistance and healthcare? What digital solutions are enabling the delivery of healthcare services which will enable better medical assistance to be given the policyholders? How can travel risk managers rebuild confidence among their travelling employees about the safety of international travel, and how assistance/security companies can help with these efforts.
  • Insurtech innovation has rapidly evolved the industry in recent years. Manjit Rana of Ingenin will give a look at what types of digital transformation we are likely to see over the next few years. He will be joined by Rory Harrison and Allan Wishart of FintechOS who will demonstrate just how quickly an innovative, production ready travel insurance application can be up and running and by Suvendu Pradhan of Koala Insurance who will share their story of innovative propositions they have created for global travel brands during the pandemic.
  • Lorien Norden of Chimera Content Marketing Consultancy will speak on The rising importance of thought leadership for business growth in a post-pandemic world
  • Emanuele Scansani of Riskline will share how can travel risk intelligence help travellers stay safe in a fast-changing risk environment
  • Dr Juliane Kause of ANVIL Group will address the vital role of occupational travel health in individual and organisational resilience

With interactive forums dedicated to Air Ambulance, Medical Assistance, Provider Networks and Cost Containment expect expert insights and thoughtful discussions throughout the week. Sessions are moderated by our ITIJ team, making sure the travel and health insurance community get to ask those all important questions! Check out the full agenda here

  • Natalya Butakova and Paul Weigall of AP Companies will join John Spears of Global Excel Management and Rob Upton of New Frontier Group to talk Cost containment challenges and solutions. Whether it’s about working more effectively with cruise lines, the impact of technology on the claims management process, or how telemedicine transformed healthcare delivery during the pandemic, this session is an opportunity to share best practice and develop new ideas to enhance cost containment practices across the industry.
  • Dr Bettina Vadera of AMREF Flying Doctors and EURAMI will co-chair the Medical Directors’ Forum with Dr Alex Veldman of Jetcall. The forum is not about great successes, but rather about identifying frustrations and failures from which the industry can learn. Challenging medical cases will be presented covering difficult air evacuations, bad outcomes with local providers, departures from evidence-based medicine and cases that challenge diagnostics and treatment skills.
  • Laura Hilton of Fairmount International will chair the International Provider Networks Forum once again, where thought leaders from healthcare providers, assistance companies and insurance companies meet to discuss the issues that are affect their working relationships. The session starts with the annual Provider/Payor trivia game, and then moves into more serious territory with topics including rebound from COVID-19, new pricing and network models and the affect of telemedicine on the industry. The interactive forum gives all participants a chance to contribute their ideas, point out challenges, ask questions and suggest best practices.
  • Volker Lemke of FAI, Dr Laurent Taymans of International SOS, Dr Terry Marton of Aeromed GB and Andrew Lee of AMI Expeditionary Healthcare will be leading discussions at the Air Ambulance and Medical Assistance Forum, starting with lessons learned from Covid-19 missions, and the potential to establish standards in the transport of infectious patients that would allow for transparency for payers. Air ambulance and medical assistance companies will discuss the challenges they face, and the solutions that partners can develop.

Join the ITIC community in Madrid (31 October – 4 November 2021), as we return to face to face networking at ITIC Global 2021. Don’t miss the opportunity to be part of the conversations that shape our industry
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