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  • Thu 09 May






Brexit – Impact Assessment?

With the deadline for the UK leaving the European Union having passed, we can now do some damage assessment. What is the state of reciprocal health agreements (have travel insurers had to increase premiums if there has been no agreement reached?), and how was air travel affected in the immediate aftermath of the departure?


Networking coffee break


Cruises – opportunities and challenges

A discussion about the main trends (current and future) in the cruise industry, which is seeing impressive growth from the UK market. With more cruise itineraries including places such as Antarctica, what safety nets are the cruise lines putting in place to keep their customers healthy, and treat them if they are not?


Networking Lunch


ITIC Innovation hub

A series of presentations from speakers who are experts in their particular niche of the Insurtech revolution.

Part 1 – Tech as cost containment

  • Assessing the customer journey – research, purchase, claims administration, fraud detection  at what points could insurtech make a real difference to the customer and the insurer?
  • New cost containment propositions – can the insurance industry take advantage of new websites such as Transfer Travel to recoup losses from cancellation claims?

Part 2 – New innovations that could change the travel market

  • What’s the reality for return on investment for insurtech propositions?
  • As AI becomes more ‘I’, what is the potential for the travel insurance industry?