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ITIC MEA speaker interview: Dr. Asaad Mishail Riad

Dr. Asaad Mishail Riad, General Manager of Egypt In-Touch Assistance, spoke to Mandy Langfield ahead of appearing at ITIC MEA, where he will be talking about the need for insurance companies to gain a better understanding of the local healthcare system in Egypt.

What do you think international insurance companies really need to understand about the healthcare system in Egypt in order to operate more effectively there?

They need a deeper understanding of Egypt’s current healthcare system, including insights into the new national universal insurance scheme, which they will benefit from at ITIC MEA this year. They also need to consider the contrasting the healthcare services available in tourist destinations with those in major cities, spanning primary care, emergency response, medical evacuation protocols, and inpatient facilities.

It would also be of use to international insurance companies to perform an analysis of the revenue cycle management (RCM) within healthcare establishments located in tourist-centric cities and how non clinical/medical services are involved.

Could you please share two key highlights from your intended presentation that will show our audience what they can expect to learn from your speech?

I will be examining the role of cultural diversity comprehension in shaping the healthcare relationship between insurance/assistance companies and medical service providers, and how implementing strategies to foster trust and transparency within the healthcare environment can ultimately benefit the patient.

ITIC events aim to balance professional networking opportunities with industry education; what are you most looking forward to this year in Cairo?

Exploring the significant role of technology and artificial intelligence (AI) in transforming the management of quality and cost within the realm of travel insurance and assistance, particularly in remote and underserved areas. This involves actively collaborating with industry colleagues and renowned experts worldwide to gain comprehensive insights into the profound impact of these innovations.

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