International Travel & Health Insurance Conferences

ITIC MEA speaker lineup

ITIC MEA speakers

Experts in their field are coming to Cairo to discuss travel and health insurance with our audience.

ITIC MEA targets the Middle East and African audience with a focus on building awareness and engagement of travel and health insurance products, improving relationships between payers and providers, and increasing understanding of the industry,

On every ITIC agenda, our speakers bring their unique insights and extensive expertise directly to our industry’s challenges.

Ms Salome Odhiambo
Lead Security Analyst – East & Southern Africa
International SOS

Dr Ahmed Monir
Founder of LGA Group
LGA Group

Dr Jermine Nabil Elkala
Chief Medical Officer & Network Manager

Jonathan Cooper
Managing Director & Founder

The ITIC MEA agenda brings together experts from across the region to offer their unique perspectives on the latest developments and innovations in this marketplace. From product evolution to the adoption of new technologies, sustainable business practices, and medical network development, we ensure that our speakers offer valuable insights into our industry.

Egyptian healthcare

This session will consider local pricing, accredited facilities and key issues and challenges facing assistance companies with clients in the region.

Travel risks in Africa

Speakers in this session would identify the risks for various groups of travellers – leisure, business, expats, and female solo travellers.

Insurtech partnerships

How can insurance companies make the most out of their partnerships with tech companies?

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