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ITIC talks with Carlos Salinas

At a time when connecting face-to-face isn’t as simple as we are used to, we have been taking the opportunity to catch up with members of our ITIC community, to find out how they are navigating the current crisis.

In our next instalment of ITIC Industry Insights, we caught up with Carlos Salinas, President and CEO of Jet Rescue Air Ambulance, the most recent winners of ITIJ’s Air Ambulance of the Year award. Carlos gave us a quick update from Mexico and shared his thoughts on how the travel sector may jump-start in 2021

Q: How have you adapted to working from home? Where are you today?

Even before the COVID some of our coordinators were already working from home. For others this was new, but I think they have actually enjoyed avoiding traffic and commuting. Of course our pilots, medical staff and maintenance can’t work from home.

Q: What are the major issues pertaining to your country as a result of the virus?

In Mexico, the main issue is economic paralysis of the domestic economy which is leading also to security issues internally. We will see a rise in Crime.

Q: How has the coronavirus pandemic impacted your products and services to date?

The coronavirus crisis has had a devastating effect on the air ambulance segment.  While we are more active than most of our colleagues, it is still substantially below our usual volume for this time of year.

Q: What do you think the future of the travel industry will look like?

The travel industry is facing the toughest challenge ever.  Aggressive pricing by the cruise lines and all-inclusive resorts of the Caribbean will probably jump-start the travel sector in the 1st quarter of 2021.  At the same time, a full recovery will require the availability of an effective vaccine against Covid-19 and recovery of middle-class disposable income.  This is not likely to happen before the end of 2022.

Q:  What should be the focus of travel insurance companies in the immediate present?

Travel insurance companies should offer travelers a choice between low-cost/limited cover and high-cost/ full cover products.

Q: Looking ahead to a time when we can meet face-to-face once again, can you tell us what you enjoy most about the International Travel & Health Insurance Conferences?

We enjoy the opportunity to spend time with old friends and clients, of course, the opportunity to solicit new clients and network with industry colleagues.

Carlos Salinas – CEO / President, Jet Rescue Air Ambulance

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