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Sunday at ITIC APAC

Join us for some social networking ahead of the conference.

Sign up for the pre-conference networking option when you register to attend ITIC APAC and you will be starting your conference with the best way to connect with fellow attendees, share a fun experience. Full programme details will be announced soon.


Monday at ITIC APAC

Arrive at the PARKROYAL on Pickering ready to network!

Join a tour of the local hospital facilities or set up meetings with key contacts to start your ITIC APAC off right.

Registration will open in the afternoon, before an evening welcome reception.


ITIC Singapore Welcome reception

Join your fellow ITIC attendees for a warm welcome to this year’s APAC event! The perfect environment for an evening of networking and making new connections before the conference days ahead.


Tuesday at ITIC APAC

The first day of conference sessions at ITIC APAC will see experts operating across all sectors of the travel and health insurance industry sharing their insights in topical panel debates. With plenty of time for networking built into the ITIC program, take advantage of networking breaks to connect with suppliers exhibiting their services and key contacts. The evening is free to allow you to plan your own dinner meetings and entertainment!


Making digital health solutions work for the insurer and the customer.

There is now a plethora of digital health platforms that allow clients to monitor their wellness levels, but how secure, stable and scalable are these solutions? How can insurers make use of this data for predictive health purposes to keep customers in better health?


Networking coffee break hosted by ITIC Singapore exhibitors


The growing digitization of travel insurance in Asia

This session would discuss the enormous growth of digital comparison and purchase options for travel and health insurance customers in the APAC region. How are these sites serving customers and insurers? Are they transparent enough, and is there a danger they will have a downward pressure on premiums (and therefore cover) in the future, as has been the case in other regions?


Networking Lunch


Is medical assistance enough?

What does an insurer want and need from an assistance company in remote or difficult to access regions? Is medical assistance sufficient, or should companies be thinking about how they can offer assistance services on a wider scale – ie, security services, legal assistance, etc?


Networking coffee break hosted by ITIC Singapore exhibitors


Medical Directors Forum


Wednesday at ITIC APAC

Another full day of educational conference sessions with experts from the travel and health insurance industry ready to take your questions and share their experiences operating across the diverse Asia Pacific region. More opportunities to connect with key contacts over coffee breaks and lunch. In the evening, ITIC APAC will conclude with a farewell dinner designed with networking in mind!


Insurance in Asia and the West – what can each market learn from the other?

In what ways does Asia seem to be stepping ahead of Western insurance markets, and in what ways is it lagging behind? Insights from McKinsey Asia’s insurance practice.


Making the most of APAC’s insurance boom

The region offers huge opportunities for insurers, but the rules of engagement are rapidly changing.


Networking coffee break hosted by ITIC Singapore exhibitors


International patient care

What are the real figures for international patient care in countries such as Thailand, Malaysia, India, Hong Kong and Singapore? Is the data available to distinguish between medical tourists and travellers/expats in need of medical care?

Regardless of the kind of patient they are, how do hospitals cater to international patients, ensuring clear explanation of benefits (if it’s an insured patient), value for money, and continuity of care following discharge?


Networking Lunch


Provider Network Forum


Networking coffee break hosted by the ITIC Singapore exhibitors


Medical facility tour

The opportunity to visit a local medical facility in Singapore and meet with the teams who provide medical care to international patients in the region.


ITIC Singapore Farewell Dinner

Bid a final farewell to your ITIC APAC friends with an evening of fine dining and entertainment. More information to be confirmed soon.