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ITIC Global Agenda

ITIC Global Agenda

Each year the agenda is full of inspiring speakers, interactive sessions and networking opportunities, with the 2021 ITIJ Awards ceremony rounding off the event. Click subscribe and we will keep you updated as events are added

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Sunday 31 October 2021


Sunday at ITIC Global

Head to the registration desk and beat tomorrow's queues to collect your ITIC Global attendee bag and make your way to the networking area where exhibitors from across all sectors of operational support are ready to meet you!



Monday 1 November 2021


Monday at ITIC Global

The first full day of ITIC Global 2021!

Time to visit the registration desk to collect your ITIC Global attendee badge and show bag. Ahead of the sessions kicking off make your way to the networking area and grab a coffee from 9.15-9.45 where exhibitors from across all sectors of operational support are ready to meet you and get down to business.

09:15-10:15 Exhibition Area

Coffee Break

Meet the ITIJ team and enjoy a coffee before the start of the conference day!
10:30-11:00 Room 1

Keynote Speaker

A presentation from Dr Vanya Gant, an expert in infectious diseases, who will share how, globally, we can be better prepared for the next pandemic as a result of lessons learned from the outbreak of Covid-19 including the threat of new variants and therapies for 'long Covid' Is there a chance that governments will learn from this, or will we be back in global lockdowns in a few years when a new variant emerges?
Divisional Clinical Director for Infection
UCLH NHS Foundation Trust
11:00-12:30 Room 1

Travel insurance response to Covid-19

With a better awareness of travel insurance and its benefits, what has the industry done to respond to increasing customer expectations? What are insurer expectations in terms of vaccinations and coverage denial if someone has refused the vaccine?
Head of the Global network
MAPFRE Assistance
President & CEO
12:30-13:30 Exhibition Area


Time to refuel, refresh and network whilst enjoying a delicious stand-up buffet lunch hosted within the exhibition and networking areas.
13:30-15:00 Room 1

Assistance, air ambulance and hospital considerations

Working together in a cohesive and safe manner has allowed air ambulance and assistance services to operate throughout the pandemic. But has Covid exposed weaknesses in existing medical networks, and if so, what have assistance companies done to remedy the problem?
Operations Services
Allianz Int. Health
International Medical DirectoR
AXA Assistance USA
Head of Standards
15:00-15:30 Exhibition Area

Coffee Break

Come and enjoy a coffee with the ITIJ Team.
15:00-17:00 Room 1

36th EURAMI General Assembly

EURAMI is delighted to welcome its members to the 36th Annual EURAMI General Assembly. The meeting is a members-only meeting. The EURAMI Board & Office look forward to updating our members on our annual progress and developments.

The official ITIC Madrid Welcome Reception

Join us at Finca La Casa de Monico for the official ITIC Global 2021 Welcome Reception. Situated just a 20-minute transfer from the bustling city, this Herrerian-style manor construction was designed in 1946 by one of the great architects of the 20th century, Secundino Zuazo, author among other great works of Los Nuevos Ministerios de Madrid. This promises to be a spectacular event that will bring together this year’s ITIC Global attendees for an enjoyable evening of face to face networking over drinks and canapes. Transfer buses depart from 5.45 pm and will depart back to Plaza Espana from 7.45 p.m. Masks must be worn on transfers and social distancing to be observed during the reception.



Tuesday 2 November 2021


Tuesday at ITIC Global

Tuesday is a full day of conference sessions at ITIC Global. Get ready for experts from all sectors of the travel and health insurance industry sharing their insights in topical panel debates and interactive sessions. With plenty of time for networking built into the ITIC program, take advantage of networking breaks to connect with suppliers exhibiting their services and key contacts. The evening is free to allow you to plan your own dinner meetings and entertainment!
09:15-09:45 Exhibition Area

Coffee Break

Come and enjoy a coffee with the ITIJ team!
10:00-11:30 Room 1

Global fraud

Our panel of experts will explore fraud hotspots in the past and future – will Covid change destination choice for leisure travellers, and will there be less fraud as a result? Our second expert will address ease of fraud thanks to technology, with fake documents being a perennial problem. Will fake Covid vaccination certificates be an issue the industry has to face? Finally, is there concern in the industry that medical providers (or other industry suppliers) will be seeking to boost income they have lost during Covid by increasing abusive billing practices?
Cost Control & Counter Fraud Manager
AXA Partners
Global Head of Claims Excellence
Europ Assistance
Chief Compliance Officer
Europ Assistance
11:30-12:00 Exhibition Area

Coffee Break

Pick up a coffee and meet the exhibitors.
12:00-13:30 Room 1

International healthcare challenges and expectations

Three experts will discuss what IPMI and business travellers are expecting of their insurance policies now in terms of assistance and healthcare? What digital solutions are enabling the delivery of healthcare services, and what could be delivered in the near future, which will enable better medical assistance to be given the policyholders? Finally, our speakers will explore initiatives being used by travel risk managers to rebuild confidence among their travelling employees about the safety of international travel, and how assistance/security companies can help with these efforts.
The Travel Risk & Incident Prevention (TRIP) Group
Global Medical Director
Collinson Group
13:30-14:30 Exhibition Area


Time to refuel, refresh and network whilst enjoying a delicious stand up buffet lunch hosted within the exhibition and networking areas.
14:30-16:00 Room 1

Medical Directors' Forum

The MDF is not about great successes, but rather about identifying frustrations and failures from which the industry can learn. Challenging medical cases will be presented covering difficult air evacuations, bad outcomes with local providers, departures from evidence-based medicine and cases that challenge diagnostics and treatment skills.
Chief Medical Advisor, AMREF Flying Doctors Auditor, EURAMI
AMREF Flying Doctors
Medical Director
15:30-18:00 Exhibition Area

Visit to Clínica Universidad de Navarra – The Frontiers of Medicine

Get to know the new frontiers of medicine in the best private hospital in Spain for the 7th consecutive year*, with a pioneer model of care centered around the patient It has the most advanced Proton Therapy Unit in Europe, the first one integrated in a hospital, and offers the most advanced therapies for cancer and highly complex diseases. *MRS 2021 (Health Reputation Monitor) / World Best Hospitals Newsweek Ranking / Accredited by Joint Commission International.
Co-Director of the Department of Radiation Oncology & Scientific Director of the Proton Therapy Unit
Clínica Universidad de Navarra



Wednesday 3 November 2021


Wednesday at ITIC Global

Another full day of educational conference sessions with experts from the industry ready to take your questions and share their experiences operating in global travel and health insurance. More opportunities to connect with key contacts over coffee breaks and lunch.
09:15-09:45 Exhibition Area

Coffee Break

Enjoy a coffee with ITIJ!
10:00-11:30 Room 1

Insurtech innovation and leadership

Travel insurance and assistance in a post covid world. How has the pandemic forced the industry to rethink their future propositions. A look into the how the industry has rapidly evolved over the last couple of years and what types of rapidly accelerated digital transformation we are likely to see over the coming couple of years – Manjit Rana, Ingenin Ltd - By 2025 it is estimated that over 50% of corporates will be utilising low-code / no-code platforms to create their IT platforms and services. FintechOS will demonstrate an example of an innovative, production ready, travel insurance application that has been built in under 4 weeks – FintechOS - Whilst the majority of the travel industry was trying survive during the pandemic, Koala, an innovative French based InsurTech was busy creating their innovative propositions that range from Cancel For Any Reason cover alongside a range of innovative propositions for some global travel brands – hear their story from Suvendu Pradhan, Director of Insurance, Koala Insurance
Managing Director
Ingenin Ltd
Director of Insurance
Koala Insurance
Account Executive
Product Owner
11:30-12:00 Exhibition Area

Coffee Break

Recharge your batteries with a coffee and meet the exhibitors.
12:00-13:30 Room 1

Air Ambulance and Medical Assistance Forum

The Forum will allow open and honest discussions about lessons learned from Covid-19 missions, and examine the potential to establish standards in the transport of infectious patients that would allow for transparency for payers. Air ambulance and medical assistance companies will discuss the challenges they face, and the solutions that partners can develop.
FAI rent-a-jet AG
Regional Medical Director
International SOS
Director of Global Assistance and Aeromedical Evacuation
ami health
Consultant Medical Adviser
Aeromed GB
13:30-14:30 Room 1


Time to refuel, refresh and network whilst enjoying a delicious stand up buffet lunch hosted within the exhibition and networking areas.
14:30-16:00 Room 1

Cost Containment Challenges and Solutions

Cost Containment Challenges and Solutions This session offers participants the opportunity to share best practice, move industry discussion forwards and develop new ideas that will enhance the cost containment services offered to insurers. Whether it’s about working more effectively with cruise lines, the impact of technology on the claims management process, or how telemedicine transformed healthcare delivery during the pandemic, this session is sure to have something to pique everyone’s interest.
Business Development Manager
AP Companies
VP Marketing & Business Development
Global Excel Management
Strategy Director
AP Companies Global Solutions
Group Business Development Director
New Frontier Group
15:30- Exhibition Area

Coffee Break




Thursday 4 November 2021


Thursday at ITIC Global

Our final day at ITIC Global puts networking pride of place. Your last chance to network over coffee and catch up with your key targets before the week is over.

Industry insights are shared, with case studies on all sectors of travel and health operations offering a fantastic learning opportunity.

And last but by no means least, ITIC Global concludes with the finale dinner and the ITIJ Awards!

09:30-10:30 Room 1

Provider Network Forum

Thought leaders from healthcare providers, assistance companies and insurance companies meet to discuss the issues that are affect their working relationships. The session starts with the annual Provider/Payor trivia game, and then moves into more serious territory with topics including rebound from COVID-19, new pricing and network models and the affect of telemedicine on the industry. The interactive forum gives all participants a chance to contribute their ideas, point out challenges, ask questions and suggest best practices.
Fairmount International

Coffee Break

Enjoy a coffee with ITIJ!
10:30-11:00 Room 1

The rising importance of thought leadership for business growth in a post-pandemic world

How does thought leadership drive stronger business growth? As we continue to feel the strain of the socioeconomic shockwave sweeping the world, organisations that put customer-first expertise front and centre can win trust that will help define their success. In uncertain times, people look to thought leaders for insights and guidance on how to successfully navigate their challenges. How can creating valuable content help insurers build a meaningful relationship with their audiences, influence decision-makers and build a sustainable future? Find out in this interactive session.
Chimera Content Marketing Consultancy
11:00-11:30 Room 1

How can travel risk intelligence help travellers stay safe in a fast-changing risk environment?

In a fast-changing digital era, large and small organisations alike find themselves trapped in an increasingly unpredictable world where new and unexpected risks lay around every corner. Reducing claims and keeping travellers safe ultimately depend on an enhanced duty of care built around verified and independent travel risk information.
Director of Partnerships & Strategic Relations

The vital role of occupational travel health in individual and organisational resilience

People are at their most vulnerable when in unfamiliar places and under pressure to deliver. Comprehensive occupational travel health support is therefore vital for both safeguarding the health and wellbeing of your employees and creating a more resilient organisation. From pre-travel medical screening to assess the physical, mental and emotional health of would-be travellers, through to supporting travellers who develop physical and psychiatric illnesses, and the importance of promoting general wellness and emotional wellbeing to your travelling population, this session will show you how to better support the overall health and resilience of your frequent travellers.
Chief Medical Officer

ITIC Celebration Lunch and ITIJ Awards Ceremony

The ITIC Celebration Lunch closes this years conference and plays host to the annual ITIJ Awards ceremony. Join the industry in rewarding excellence!


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