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  • Mon 20 Apr
  • Tue 21 Apr






OPENING KEYNOTE: Healthcare in the region

An introduction to the unique local health system and discussions regarding the challenges faced in catering to a global workforce with differing nationalities and expectations of providers.

Dr Michael Bitzer

CEO | Daman National Health Insurance Company


Day one at ITIC MENA


Cost Containment

What are the key regional cost containment challenges faced by insurers and medical providers in the MENA area? Discover the best ways to facilitate guarantee of payment agreements; How to manage patients and physicians in a cost-orientated environment, and the value of care on offer.


Insurance market trends

An analysis of distribution channels, partnerships, purchasing habits and policy limits for travel and health insurance policies in the region.

Khalid Sohail

Khalid Sohail, Head Business Development - Global Travel Insurance and Airlines Partnership | Zurich Insurance Company Ltd


The rise of cross border care

Expatriates and UAE nationals cross borders for care in different Emirates frequently. What are the main procedures for which people travel, and why? How are insurance policies adapted to this market dynamic?

Laila Al Jassmi

CEO and Founder | Health Beyond Borders

Karen Timmons

CEO | Global Healthcare Accreditation


Industry insights

Local knowledge is invaluable in the travel assistance arena, learn from experts who will share unique and challenges cases they have handled which provide a unique insight into operations in throughout the MENA region.


Day two at ITIC MENA


Cultural differences

Cultural training and awareness are essential for international assistance, funeral repatriations and air ambulance sectors. What local cultural norms do you need to be aware of? What limitations do local regulations place on international assistance companies?

Berna Ataç Ökten

Chairman of the board | Marm Assistance

Irina Braun

Executive Partner | U-COACHING


Coffee break



Abu Dhabi is at the forefront of the Arabian Gulf’s ambitions to become the leading international alternative winter sun cruise destination. The safety and security of visitors to the region is vital if this aim is to be achieved; an examination of the local medical care options available will ensure that this session will be of interest to local and international insurance and assistance providers.


Duty of Care

Operating in high-risk destinations comes with a high Duty of Care burden for international operators. How are local assistance companies already working in the MENA region prepared to assist and take the Duty of Care burden away from partner companies in the Western world?

Christian Deloughery

Business Development (Europe & ASEAN) | Afro Asian Assistance

Simon Isgar

Partner and Head of Insurance | BSA Ahmad Bin Hezeem & Associates LLP


Networking lunch


Local medical facility tour

The opportunity to visit a local medical facility in Dubai and meet with the teams who provide medical care to international patients in the region.