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On the agenda – Speaking at ITIC Americas 2022

Speaking at ITIC Americas Cartagena 2022

We are delighted to spotlight the experts who will be sharing their insights and facing your questions at ITIC Americas 2022 in Cartagena, Colombia.

Aetna International Health Services, Americas Market Intelligence, ASSIST CARD, Atrium Health, Clínica Imbanaco Grupo Quirónsalud, Fundación Santa Fe de Bogotá (FSFB), Global Excel Management Inc, Helidosa, Hospital Universitario Fundación Valle del Lili, Ilan Geva & Friends Inc, Logimedex – Health Control and Risks Management, MDabroad, Med One Assistance, Ministry of Health, National Business Association of Colombia – ANDI, Redbridge Insurance & Reinsurance Support and Universal Assistance S.A. are all confirmed to speak at the 11th annual ITIC Americas conference in Cartagena, which takes place from 5-8 March 2022.


Introduction to the Colombian health system

Our Keynote Speaker, Carlos Eduardo Jurado Moncayo, is Executive Director of Health Chambers for ANDI – the National Business Association of Colombia and has been leading the strategy of positioning Colombia as a health destination for international patients, forging alliances between international hospitals for over 10 years. Carlos will share an overview of the health sector in Colombia, highlighting the economic, legislative and investment considerations at play and the options for specialised medical services for international patients in the country. 

Speaking at ITIC Americas 2022

  • As the healthcare and medical travel markets continue to change, what should healthcare providers and insurers consider in addition to improving revenue and ‘going back to normal’? Ilan Geva will give a masterclass in market penetration strategy for the healthcare and insurance sector. Brand-building, technological product innovation and common sense avenues to consider will be laid out. 
  • As credit card benefits across the region fall, how are customer expectations of travel assistance changing? What trends are insurers and assistance providers seeing in the market with regards to demands from customers, and how are insurers reacting? What effect has Covid had on uptake of insurance, even for domestic trips? Victor Navarro of Global Excel Management Inc, Federico Tarling of ASSIST CARD, Dr Boris Garcia Zakzuk, MD,HIA of Redbridge Insurance and Andres Zahnd of Universal Assistance S.A. will discuss the particular dynamics shaping the design and delivery of travel insurance and assistance products in Latin America. 
  • John Price of Americas Market Intelligence will be sharing the company’s latest research into the travel insurance and medical assistance markets in Latin America, which highlight the strengths and weaknesses in the markets, along with potential growth opportunities. Increasing awareness of the benefits of travel assistance and the protection it offers, combined with a growing digital distribution network, provides travel insurers with the chance to grab a bigger share of this developing market. 
  • Dr Maria Fernanda Escobar of Hospital Universitario Fundación Valle del Lili and Salvador Belilty MD of Logimedex Health Control and Risks Management will focus on how technology and innovation is changing the way that healthcare is being delivered across Latin American nations. With acceptance of telemedicine services at an all-time high, how can insurers and hospitals capitalise on the movement? 
  • Sergio Abril of Helidosa, Dr Joseph Hsu of Atrium Health and Olga Lucia Mendez Tovar of Fundación Santa Fe de Bogotá (FSFB) will look at three different aspects of access to healthcare in Latin America – trauma, transport and international patient care. How does the Latin American market function? What unique cultural and financial considerations that have to be taken into account when ensuring patients are treated to a high quality for a fair price. 
  • Scott J Rosen of MDabroad will speak on evolving credit and claims settlement standards for cross-border care and the benefits of adopting more tech-oriented solutions.
  • Yanni Jota of Aetna International Health Services and Dra Brenda Herrera of Med One Assistance will be joined by Dr Ivan Dario Ortiz, Vice Minister of Public Health and Health Services of the Colombian Ministry of Health to discuss a whole host of cost containment issues. Are international payers getting value for money from their medical providers across the Americas? How has Covid affected the delivery and cost of international patient care? How best to build a network of trusted partners will be up for discussion.  
  • Dr Rafael González Molina of Clínica Imbanaco Grupo Quirónsalud will share what a healthcare centre can do to enhance its services to international patients to create a flawless patient care pathway that provides measurable results. 

Sessions are moderated by our ITIJ team, making sure the travel and health insurance community get to ask those all-important questions! Check out the full agenda here

Join the ITIC community in Cartagena (5-8 March 2022), as we gather for the 11th annual ITIC Americas conference. Don’t miss the opportunity to be part of the conversations that shape our industry
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