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ITIC Connected is underway! Here’s what we are up to at our first virtual conference

ITIC Global Connected

The world has changed, and temporarily so has ITIC.  Transformed into a virtual event and taking place this week (Tuesday 3 – Thursday 5 November 2020), Team ITIC has been working tirelessly behind the scenes to bring you ITIC Connected 2020. We’re really excited to bring together the travel and health insurance industry once again, here’s a quick overview of what we have in store if you are able to join us.

The last five weeks have seen a whirlwind of agenda updates: new panel sessions, inspirational speakers and unique networking opportunities. If you haven’t explored the agenda, please do take a look, as this new direction has presented a powerful opportunity for our attendees to connect in fresh ways.

On the agenda

Not only do we have our on-topic panel sessions, where speakers from the industry and around the globe will discuss the current situation and how we can prepare for the future, but we also have a number of specialist speakers joining the line-up. 

In 2018, a futurist by the name of Richard Watson told The Telegraph newspaper that a pandemic would cancel all travel. Among his predictions was the following prophecy: “The travel industry will shut down – but it will bounce back.” So what might the travel landscape look like post-pandemic? Richard is among the specialist speakers who will join us as we now prepare for the future and the aftermath of the pandemic. The landscape of our industry has changed, and it’s only through continued communication and discussion that we can plan for the future.

Throughout the agenda we focus often on the future. But we’re also addressing the present importance of wellbeing. The COVID-19 pandemic and accompanying lockdown measures have turned work-life balance upside down. Restrictions across the globe have resulted in a complete change in daily routine, often being confined for periods of time in our homes that simultaneously serve as offices.  You’ll see lots of the agenda focusing on wellbeing – from our wellness expert Cesar Gamio giving advice on how we should better work from home – to Kris Swarthout, Olympic trainer who explains how important exercise is for our mental health. We even have an ITIC yoga class, to wind down from a busy conference day.

In between looking in-depth at the industry, discussing what’s happened now and what is to come, as well as consideration of our wellbeing, we’re offering an exciting programme of networking activities. It wouldn’t be ITIC without the opportunity to meet for a cocktail at the bar, or the chance to laugh along with your industry peers. We’re really lucky to be part of such an inspiring community and it’s been important for us to offer you the same chances to connect and have some fun.  From magicians and master mixologists to a very special pre-awards entertainment act, we are keen to share these memory-making moments with you.   

Celebrating together

We can’t sign off without mentioning the ITIJ Awards which, following in the footsteps of the Emmys, will come live to your living rooms or offices or phones… With no less glamour than previous ceremonies, 2020 gives us all an opportunity to applaud achievements and the hope that has arisen from hardship.  And hope is what we will all take from ITIC Connected 2020.  Hope and positivity for a brighter future ahead – when we will be meeting in person in Madrid for ITIC Global 2021 remembering ‘that time in 2020 when we all connected on screen’.

We’d love for you to join us and be part of this moment in ITIC history.  As always, ITIJ will be with us reporting live and sharing all the happenings each day, with a full review published in their December issue. In the meantime, we hope to see you soon on screen!


If you would like to join us this week or want to know more about what we have lined up for 2021, email and we will be delighted to hear from you.